Review on Sportbooks365

Review on Sportbooks365: The Best Online Sports Betting Platform

As a punter or a punter to be, you always ask your friends or check out for the best betting site, which gives high-value odds, excellent soccer betting experience, and exclusive promotions.

If you are really looking for the best online sports betting platform that makes everything from account creation to money withdrawal so easy and simple, then look no further, Sportbooks365 is the best ever platform that gives you surreal experience.


Sportbooks365, which is also known as Sports365 or SP365 Myanmar, has more than 600,000 active members monthly and about 7,000 soccer events every month. As one of the leading bookmaker company that offers the online betting platform in Myanmar, we remain a key and famous platform in Asia as a continent.

This is dues to our appealing webpage, stable odds and ever-increasing game market. Bookies would be conversant with the game market. The game market is the variety of events you can predict on a single game. We at Sportbooks are also proud of our team who makes our operation seamless.

Sportbooks365 has been registered and running for more than 6 years. This automatically rules us as the most reputable, popular and somewhat acceptable online betting platform to the Burmese people
We pride our users so we give them the near-perfect platform where everyone can use our user-friendly website.

Our website has the Home tab, Register, Sports betting, and Promotion tabs on the front page which, when clicked, takes you to their landing pages. The front webpage gives you information on our betting odd, supported bank and our promotions.

On our betting types and odds, we have some of the juiciest betting types you can think of. The most common examples are Double chance, first and last goal, Total goal, Ever & Under, Asian handicap, 1X2, Mix Parlay, and so on.

Over from the types, we have two odds for our punters called Malay odd and Myanmar odd. These two have guaranteed odds, and they are our punters’ favorite. They also offer higher odds when compared to other betting platforms.

Easier way to deposit funds to your account

We support a wide range of bank payment methods such as internet banking transfer, mobile banking, and money agent shops for our users to easily deposit and withdraw funds. We run the business every day, 24 hours daily, and seven days a week. We ensure deposit and withdrawal are instant.

We are credited with the fastest winning payout system in Myanmar and Asia. You can always credit your account on the go at any time, and credit can also be made to your bank account in the blink of an eye. We have put no limit on daily withdrawal so as to enjoy our service fully. Withdrawal is usually made with a message or a phone call to us.

Also, on our promotion, you, as a user, get an instant percentage of 0.25 commission on your bet amount on every ticket. This is independent of the result of the game, whether a loss or a win.

Furthermore, a monthly 3% money-back bonus will be credited into your account before the 5th of every month. Sportbooks allow you to focus on placing your bet, so we have no required conditions to be met before the withdrawal. No form of rollover or any condition. We are bent on making your experience with us top-notch.

How to register on Sportbooks365

To register on Sportbooks365, call our 24 hours customer service team via phone on (+959) 2612 88899 or (+959) 2635 88899 for registration. It takes approximately 5 minutes to get registered.

You also need to get a bank account number for deposit from our customer representative service. You then send your bank receipt through Facebook Messenger, line, or Viber.

Once we can confirm you made a deposit, an account will be immediately created for you and you would get your account information via SMS. You can then login once your account has been registered. Place your bet on your favourite teams.

You are also advised to change your account number to something you are familiar with.

What are the advantages of betting with Sportbooks365?
The best advantage we have over every other booking company is that you can place your bet from anywhere in the world, at the best of comfort, on your favourite wagers. Since it isn’t wired manually, you get to view numerous options from your phone.

Little research has shown that tickets you book at your comfort are safer than those you manually book.

Again, Sportbooks365 provides the best, reliable and accurate odd type. So as to win better, we have a wide range of odd types, which are potential game-winners.

Soccer Live Betting Myanmar

We offer the best live betting on games. Live betting is when you place a wager on a game that is already in play. You can place a live bet for home team to either concede or score goals.

We offer this bet type on major sports like UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, English Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, Women Basketball, Tennis, NBA and more.

Why you should go for Sportbooks365

More betting platforms exist right now than before. Myanmar is home to a lot of wonderful online sports betting platform, and it their real value is undeniable.

To choose a betting site, you can trust, look at the site layout, check out for the history and browse up a few winning bookies.
The selection of a betting site at random could be costly because you don’t really know the end result.

Choose a platform and a bookmaker that is safe and trusted, has a record of good payout, bonuses and promotions. Overall, select a bookmaker that suits your style and agenda.

Sportbooks365 simply covers all these and even promises more.
Sportbooks365 has a firm and protected betting system that prioritizes our users’ information. We treat your confidentiality with respect and also keep your privacy.

We also have a 24/7 professional customer center. Our FAQ page consists of help on any gaming issue you might have encountered and we always want to solve your issues.

We have proved time and overtime why we are the best, take a definite look at our prototype and enjoy booking.

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