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Four Popular Online Sports Betting Sites in Myanmar | MMOnline365

No.1 – iBet789

iBet789 Online Sports Myanmar is one of the groundbreaking online sports betting products in the Asian country, including Myanmar, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam and more. It has been known for its strong online sports brand and fully integrated sports betting platform for the past few decades. iBet789 Myanmar is also considered as one of the most modernized online sports betting sites that provide the best odds as well as online sports betting services to the worldwide online gambling community.

iBet789 Myanmar offers a variety of sports betting styles to complement the player’s betting experience, such as Asian Handicap, Myanmar Odds, Over/Under, Mix Parlay etc., which allows sports betting players to optimize their bets throughout the betting process. Other special sports betting styles, such as total corners, odd/even, first/final goals, are also available at iBet789 Myanmar.

No.2 – Wwbet

As a online gambling site in Myanmar, Wwbet has been popular among Burmese players in recent years, especially in Yangon and Mandalay. Like other betting pages, Wwbet has up to 12 types of events, up to 1,500 events per month, and up to 100 betting options for players to experience. Not only that, Wwbet has as many as nine languages, including Burmese, English, Chinese, Thai, Korean, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Khmer and Spanish.

Wwbet also has a big advantage, that is, in the Wwbet website, in addition to sports betting, there are live casino, slot games and fish games! Wwbet has combines four major game developers in Asia including CT855 Casino, Sa Gaming, Allbet Casino and Joker123 to create a online betting platform that players yearn for, whether they are on wwbet PC website or wwbet mobile website.

No.3 – Sportbooks365 (Sports 365)

For many Burma players, Sportbooks365 is their constant choice. Since 2013, Sportbooks365 has been officially released in Myanmar and has been immediately recognized by players. After a few years, it is now a well-known online betting site in Myanmar.

Sportbooks365’s simple and elegant website always gives players a relaxed feel. Behind this page is a strong and reliable team that ensures the smoothness of the website and the player’s betting experience. Beside, there are many types of Sportbooks365 football events, including Premier League, Bundesliga, La Liga, Italy Serius A, FIFA World Cup, Friendly Club and more.

No.4 – Odds366

Odds366 (formerly known as Odds366 Sports) is a Myanmar betting website that was founded in 2015. Odds366 has only sports and no casino to bet, but it’s totally enough for Odds366’s players.

Odds366 focuses on the development of sports events and is committed to providing players with the best odds and the most events as possible. Odds366 has not much complicated operations and patterns in the Odds366 web, so that even a novice can get started in a very short time.

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