How to Bet Myanmar Odds & Betting Lines

Betting odds usually expressed as a pair of numbers, which represent the probability of an event to happen and therefore enable you to work out how much money or credit you will win if your bet wins. So first, we need to know that there’s few type of odds in the market, which is HK Odds, Malay Odds, Decimal Odds and Myanmar Odds.

Myanmar odds are simpler than other odds, which is designed primarily for players who don’t like complex things. First of all, the odds for the home team and the away team in Myanmar are the percentages you win when the team you choose wins.

Again, on the left side of the Myanmar odds you will see a (number) with positive and plural numbers. If the odds around the team you choose are positive, then when it’s draw game, you will win the percentage within (number). Conversely, if the odds you choose around the team are negative, then in the draw, you will lose the amount of percentage within (number).

For Example:
Team A: Man Utd__(-50)__0.94

Team B: Arsenal__________0.94

  1. If you bet Man Utd 100,000Ks, and the final score is 1 – 0, then you will win 94,000Ks (100,000 x 0.94);
  2. If you bet Man Utd 100,000Ks and the final score is 0 – 0, then you will lose 50,000Ks (100,000 x -50%);
  3. If you bet Man Utd 100,000Ks and the final score is 0 – 1, then you will lose 100,000Ks (100,000 x 100%);

Now, I believe you already know how to bet on the Myanmar odds. If you like this article, please share it and let more people know. And if you are looking to open an account with Myanmar Odds, we’ve like to introduce you the trusted agency in Myanmar – MMOnline365. They have running online betting service in Myanmar for years, and you may find they website and contact number on Google, their team always 24 hours on call.

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